About the Book

When Aiden Fesyo’s long-term girlfriend announces she’s received a promotion and is leaving, she also informs him that he has a child somewhere in the world. Janine vows the child will never be found. Aiden believes otherwise.

During his search, Aiden encounters the Horror Show, a reality challenge where troubled contestants battle to win a prize that will help them escape from their pasts. Aiden and the team unite in an epic confrontation with evil, trying to understand why God is playing a game with the world.

Divine Play is satirical in nature, but is intended to inspire and educate. It is informative while at the same time evocative and witty, hitting on a number of hot-button issues prevalent in today’s society. The book incorporates philosophy, religion, science and history in a thought-provoking way that will stimulate the imaginations of readers. The characters comprise many cultures, come from many different walks of life and deal with common questions and concerns regarding humanity’s purpose.


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