The truism is that men fall in love with (through) their eyes, and women with their ears. Writers would seem to be assured with success in matters of the heart. Unfortunately, the words of writers, except for those contained in plays and screenplays, are not read aloud, and even in those exceptions, the majority of text is devoted to stage and camera directions, of which audiences and viewers may never be aware. And entire books of poetry are rarely recited. What we are left with is the “written”—i.e., “read”—word. If the ability to entice another’s devotion is based upon the extent and quality of one’s writing, male and lesbian authors will very likely be lonely, and female and gay authors will not.


About Tom Ukinski

Tom Ukinski is an attorney in state government in the Midwest. He's been writing plays, novels, short stories, comedy sketches and screenplays for many years.
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