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Excerpt from Divine Play, pp. 354-58  Mikki had a piece of Venusian salt, called glyfl.. She and Vic slipped away from the AVIes [mobile cameras] and commotion and slipped slivers of the warted white rock under their tongues, and soon … Continue reading

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Brand New Psycho-Maladies!

New Illnesses The American Phizziatric Council has announced the discovery of ten new illnesses that have not yet found a home in the D$M Agonostic Codes for Menial Disorders auto-avoidance syndrome:  inability to look at the drivers in other cars. … Continue reading

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The Heartbreak of Polyandry

“HUBBY CLUB” STAR SPARED PROSECUTION—FOR NOW  from WAM, Wingless American Media  [Blynesade, Tennetucky] It appears that Deborah Karmione will be free from legal persecution, at least through the next season of her popular sorreality show,“Debbie’s Hubby Club.” A source within … Continue reading

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“20 Best in Books in Sales,” The New Yak Tomes, September 1, 2020  Don’t They Know It’s All Their Fault?: Cutting the Ballast from America’s Rise, Malwasse  Wright  How to Pretend You Have Friends: Fool Yourself While Flogging Your Career, … Continue reading

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Well You Know, Adam’s First Marriage…

Of course, Adam had a wife for each of the two creation stories in Genesis.  According to Jewish folklore of the 8th–10th centuries A.D, Adam’s first wife was Lilith. She was equal to Adam:  I mean she’d been created at … Continue reading

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Who Wants to be 1% of Anything?

The other day I was reminding my mentor, Brother T, that 1% of the population controls 96% of the wealth.  He said, “Tell me this:  What’s so great about being in control, if only a 1% of the population signed … Continue reading

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