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Political Dictionary

From Divine Play, pp. 487-93 Excerpts from Billy Reolli’s Dictionary for a “Real” Society  Billy Reolli is the host of VEXNEWS’s Flat on the Ground and author of Right Now (and Always), Scra-Un: Vexxy Press, 2044. American people. n.phr. A … Continue reading

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Perspective on Disaster

On April 23, 1912, in a talk given in Washington, D.C., ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, referring to the Titanic disaster, said: …these events have deeper reasons. Their object and purpose is to teach man certain lessons. We are living in a day of … Continue reading

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Was Abe Lincoln Really a Brit?

WAS ABE LINCOLN REALLY A BRIT?  From WAM, Wingless American Media  [NEW YAK, X-YORK]  “It’s all true!  He was born in London,” sobbed Wilmer “Stubby” Lincoln, the great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States, during an interview … Continue reading

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What Does “Retard” Really Mean?

What Does “Retard” Really Mean? Now that “retard” has been reawakened from its slumber of desuetude, we should remember that in its original nominative form it meant a “delay.” The verb form designated the action of delaying or impeding progress … Continue reading

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It’s Obvious! Eliminate 47%!

ECONOMIC CRISIS?  HOW ABOUT A HARVEST?  From WAM, Wingless American Media [CINSANITI, HO] Presidential candidate Romeo Bamany startled supporters and detractors alike with the most comprehensive plan yet proposed for solving America’s financial crisis:  the “harvesting” of the bodies of … Continue reading

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Art from Garbage

THE STAL-YARZ Divine Play, pp. 128-131 Pausing beside an armadillo-shaped hill, he discerned a quadrupedal creature expectorating an amorphous whitish shape that consolidated into Michelangelo’s Davidon the shard-fraught ground. Actually there were several Davids already there, along with a Thinker, … Continue reading

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Politics: Tired of Thinking?

Aren’t you tired of thinking?  Doesn’t it pain the old noggin to have to contemplate the economy, terrorism, international relations, crime, corruption, disease, starvation and exploitation, PLUS sports and weather?  All you need to do is to put US in … Continue reading

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